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Costeen Hatzi: Bio, Age, Model, Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend

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Costeen Hatzi is an Australian model, personal blogger, home decor enthusiast, and entrepreneur who is well-known for her relationship with Nick Kyrgios, a popular Australian tennis player.

Bio: Costeen Hatzi

Costeen Hatzi is a young Australian model, personal blogger, home decor enthusiast, and entrepreneur who has gained popularity not only for her stunning looks but also for her romantic relationship with the well-known Australian tennis player, Nick Kyrgios. The couple officially revealed their relationship on January 2nd, 2022, which immediately caught the attention of the media and made headlines around the world. Despite already being a well-known personality, her relationship with Nick Kyrgios has increased her public profile even further, and she is currently trending on Google and in the news. With her successful modeling career, she has become a household name in the country and her relationship with Nick Kyrgios has added to her public image.

Costeen Hatzi age

Costeen Hatzi was born on May 31st, 2000, in Australia, which makes her 22 years old. She completed her primary and secondary education in her hometown in Australia.

Costeen Hatzi Height, weight, and Physical Measurements

Costeen Hatzi possesses an impressive physical appearance, standing at a height of 5 feet and 6 inches (1.66 meters) with a weight of 55 kilograms (121 pounds). Her dark hair and brown eyes complement her attractive facial features. As of now, she doesn’t have any tattoos on her body. Overall, Costeen Hatzi is a stunning and charming woman.

Personal Information: Costeen Hatzi

Costeen Hatzi was born on May 31st, 2000, and is currently 21 years old. She was born and raised in Australia and celebrates her birthday every year. Her ethnicity is white and she holds Australian nationality. Unfortunately, it is unknown whether she has siblings or if she is an only child. She completed her education in Australia and was an excellent student during her high school years, showing a love for learning. As she was born in Australia, she is considered an Australian citizen.

Costeen Hatzi Family

Costeen Hatzi has mentioned in the past that her father is a businessperson and she considers herself fortunate to have a younger brother named George Hatzipourganis. Her father’s name is Terry Kallis and her mother’s name is Mary Hatzi. Family is important to Costeen and she has a close bond with her loved ones. Her younger brother, George, holds a special place in her heart and is one of the most important people in her life. This speaks volumes about their relationship and the strong connection they share.

Kosatin Hatzi inspired her to return to the French Open

Nick Kyrgios has had a strained relationship with the French Open and has not played in the tournament since 2017. However, in 2022, Nick Kyrgios girlfriend encouraged him to participate in the second Grand Slam of the year, urging him to take his career to the next level. As a result, he will be returning to the game in 2023, with Kyrgios stating, “Yes, I’m playing in the French Open, my girlfriend wants to see Paris, so why not?”

In 2022, Kyrgios was replaced by Quentin Halys, but his girlfriend’s encouragement to participate in the tournament appears to have had a positive impact on him. Although his best performance at the French Open was reaching the third round in 2017, fans are excited to see his comeback in Paris, France, and the potential for him to surpass his previous achievements.

Dating Life: Costeen Hatzi

Nick Kyrgios ended his previous relationship in October 2021, and it is not known exactly when he began dating Costeen Hatzi. However, on December 30, 2021, Kyrgios confirmed their relationship after they were seen together in Sydney. Since then, Costeen has been sharing glimpses of her life with Nick Kyrgios , including lavish gifts such as roses and a Louis Vuitton purse, as well as joining him on whirlwind trips.

Costeen has been actively documenting her experiences alongside Kyrgios, including sharing a carousel of images on her social media page, where she expressed her gratitude for the past week at the Australian Open and expressed her pride for Nick. It’s evident that Costeen is very supportive of Nick and enjoys being a part of his life.

Costeen Hatzi Lifestyle And Profession

Costeen Hatzi leads a luxurious lifestyle, which is expected as the girlfriend of a famous tennis player. She is currently working as a model and social media influencer, with many tie-ups, including with the skincare brand Bondi Sands, for which she shares social media posts about the products.

Since being with Nick, Costeen’s career seems to have taken off, and she seems to be living the high life. Her Instagram posts are a testament to this, showing off her possessions, including a CHANEL bag and Dior footwear. She enjoys the finer things in life and has an impressive collection of 50 luxury bags as of 2023.

She says Kyrgios is “not as crazy as everyone thinks”

According to Costeen Hatzi, her boyfriend Nick Kyrgios is not as wild as people make him out to be. While tennis is typically associated with calm players, Kyrgios stands out with his on-court antics, which some view as detrimental to the sport. However, Costeen believes that his behavior is simply a part of his personality and does not harm anyone.

She argues that other sports, such as boxing with Mike Tyson, have seen athletes do much worse and still be welcomed by fans. In comparison to the boxing legend, Kyrgios looks like a saint. Additionally, he is known for helping underprivileged youth in Australia, which reveals a different side to him outside of tennis. Therefore, people should consider his actions beyond the court before passing judgement on him.

Costeen Hatzi Net Worth

At present, there is no information available about Costeen Hatzi’s net worth. However, her boyfriend Nick Kyrgios has an estimated net worth of $15 million, which he has earned primarily through his successful career as a tennis player. With their combined wealth, the couple leads a very lavish lifestyle.

Costeen Hatzi And Nick Kyrgio Relationship

Costeen Hatzi and Nick Kyrgios began dating in 2021 and officially announced their relationship in January of that year. They have not yet gotten married but frequently share posts on Instagram, giving their fans a glimpse into their personal lives. In a world where cheating and breakups are common among celebrities, Costeen and Nick’s relationship seems strong and committed. It is clear that they see the world as one, which is a great example for others to follow. It remains to be seen if they will continue to be together for the rest of their lives, but as of now, they are a happy and good-looking couple.

Hatzi became a constant presence in Kyrgios’s player’s box during the 2022 season

In 2022, Hatzi has been a constant presence by Kyrgios’ side as he traveled around the world for tennis tournaments. Her presence has brought her some attention and has also helped Kyrgios achieve new heights in his career. He reached the Wimbledon final, where he ultimately lost to the legendary Novak Djokovic, and his girlfriend’s support may have played a role in his success. Hatzi herself even made it to the quarterfinals of the US Open for the first time, while Kyrgios went on to win the Australian Open and the US Open in Grand Slam doubles. Overall, 2022 was a very successful year for Kyrgios professionally, and his girlfriend was there to support him every step of the way.

She’s supportive of Kyrgios’ career

In 2022, Nick Kyrgios saw a significant improvement in his professional career, winning major tournaments and showcasing his skills in a consistent manner. Throughout the year, Hatzi was by his side, supporting him from the stands at tournaments around the world. Despite not playing in the French Open, Kyrgios won two major doubles titles and made it to the finals of Wimbledon. However, he was ultimately defeated by tennis legend Novak Djokovic. Kyrgios has shown a newfound level of professionalism both on and off the court, making better decisions and displaying a stronger desire to win. This growth in his character and performance is a positive for the sport of tennis.

Social Media

Costeen Hatzi can be found on Instagram with the handle @costeenhatzi, where she shares stunning photos of herself, her partner, and other loved ones. Her Instagram profile currently has around 51,000 followers.

Costin Hatzi and Kyrgios’ engagement rumors sparked

Nick Kyrgios has dropped hints about his engagement to Costin Hatzi, whom he began dating in 2021 and made their relationship official on January 2, 2022. He treated her like a queen with red roses, as seen in a post by Costin, which went viral and made her trend on Twitter in Australia. This suggests that Nick sees Costin as the love of his life, as he has never shared as many pictures with anyone else. The couple may soon tie the knot, which would make headlines around the world given Nick’s status as a tennis star. In fact, Nick himself has hinted at their impending nuptials. Adding Costin to his life has brought out the best in Nick as a tennis player, and his fans would love to see them get married. Just as tennis legend Roger Federer’s wife spurred him on to greater heights, Costin could do the same for the Australian star, which would be a great boost for the sport.

She went Instagram official with Kyrgios in 2022

On January 2, 2022, Costin Hatzi announced on Instagram that she and tennis player Nick Kyrgios were officially a couple. This update caused a stir on Instagram and made headlines worldwide. Kyrgios, who has faced criticism from sports fans for his behavior on and off the court, received a positive boost from his appearance with Hatzi, creating a golden moment in his life. This was a unique occurrence in the sport of tennis.

She says meeting Kyrgios was love at first sight

Costin Hatzi revealed that she met Nick Kyrgios at a party hosted by a mutual friend in 2021. She had a crush on the Australian tennis star for a long time, and meeting him in person was a dream come true for her. At the time, Nick was single, which made things even better for Costin. She fell in love with Nick at first sight and now sees him as the love of her life. Nick is grateful to have someone who loves and admires him like Costin, and this has helped him to become a better player both on and off the court. Her unwavering support and love have helped him stay calm and deal with everything that comes his way. This is a testament to the strong bond that Nick and Costin share.

Boyfriend: Nick Kyrgios

Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios is a professional tennis player from Australia who has achieved a career-high ATP singles ranking of world No. 13 on 24 October 2016. He has won six ATP titles and has played in nine ATP finals, with his best performance being the runner-up position in the 2017 Cincinnati Masters where he lost to Grigor Dimitrov. Kyrgios has also reached a career-high doubles ranking of world No. 38, which he achieved on 11 February 2022, following his victory in the doubles category of the 2022 Australian Open, where he partnered with Thanasi Kokkinakis.

Quick Summary

Costeen Hatzi’s presence in Nick Kyrgios life has brought positive changes for both of them, with Kyrgios’ success on the tennis court improving and Hatzi’s modeling career taking off. Together as a couple, they have made a significant impact on the world and helped each other grow personally and professionally. This speaks to the power of their relationship and the positive influence they have on each other. It is clear that they are both happy and fulfilled in their partnership.


Question: Who is Costeen Hatzi?

Answer: Costeen Hatzi is a model and social media influencer. She is also known for being the girlfriend of Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios.

Question: Where is Costeen Hatzi from?

Answer: Costeen Hatzi is originally from Melbourne, Australia.

Question: What does Costeen Hatzi do for a living?

Answer: Costeen Hatzi is a full-time model and social media influencer. She posts content related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle on her Instagram account.

Question: How did Costeen Hatzi meet Nick Kyrgios?

Answer: Costeen Hatzi met Kyrgios at a party of a common friend in 2021.

Question: How many followers does Costeen Hatzi have on Instagram?

Answer: As of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, Costeen Hatzi had around 51K followers on her Instagram account.

Question: Has Costeen Hatzi and Nick Kyrgios announced their engagement?

Answer: As of my knowledge cutoff date, there had been hints and speculation that the couple may be engaged, but they have not made an official announcement.

Question: What is Costeen Hatzi’s relationship with Nick Kyrgios like?

Answer: Costeen Hatzi and Nick Kyrgios have been very public about their relationship and often share photos of each other on social media. They appear to be very happy and supportive of each other.

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